I am completely and totally and utterly blown away, intimidated, daunted, perplexed, confused, excited, nervous and scared. 

Online campaigning scares me. It actually, genuinely scares me. Because it seems so incredibly complex.

That's what happens when an activity is both a science and an art at exactly the same time. 

The scientific element requiring constant testing, measuring, refinement, testing, evaluation, refinement and so on. The art comes in with having a sort of knack for just knowing what could work, when, why and, for whom. 

It's no lie that I'm feeling mild level anxiety at the thought of trying to implement the lessons from these six readings on e-campaigning and email fundraising. 

It's a bit like being told you have to go into battle with a legion of roman soldiers armed with nothing but a dessert fork. 

Am I the only one that feels like this? Why and how do I give life to the recommendations from all these readings? How do I know what is right for my email list and organisation, are all of these lessons transferable and if so, which ones?

I'm at that point when you're staring at a difficult task and you find yourself thinking, well, if I give up and give in right now- how bad would it be?

Nonetheless- there's a job to do. My job is to garner support for the campaigns and ideas my organisation is looking to implement. How then do I marry the job I have to do with the tasks that need doing to qualify the job as done?

This is my to do list:

I need to print out every single reading for the last two weeks and I need to have it on my desk. This is going to become my online strategy manual. I can't be expected to remember all of this right? I'm going to come back to it as my campaigns develop. 

I need to go back and look at our online channels and decide what works, what hasn't and why. Not just that but how am I going to test and measure past success and failure?

I need to implement metrics and targets, fundraising, supporters, reach etc. If reach is what we are after we need to know when we've done well and when we haven't. 

Also- I need to figure out a way to test why something worked and why. One of the easiest ways I can think of is to go back and review our previous campaigns and look at our statistics for each one. 

I need to CTFD. This is the hard one. I don't think online campaigning is beyond me but I'm getting caught up with the difficulty of the task and am probably elevating it to a status that it doesn't deserve. Sure, good online campaigning is difficult when you're starting off (which, I am) but it's not impossible. It's not beyond me. 

I think the idea of the magnanimity of the task is a lot scarier than the task itself. How do you eat an elephant? A little bit at a time. 

Much like online campaigning. I think I immediately want to jump to being the male Hispanic Beck Wilson of Melbourne (which would be pretty boss), and I can't. Well- not yet, there's a fair bit to learn from where I am now and where I would like to be, and that's ok.

So CTFD david.