I need your help, because staying silent for so long has meant death for some.  I was born into a house that was built like an earthquake. As a boy, family violence impacted me greatly.  It impacted my siblings and my mother.  I can't stay silent about this, no one can, no one should!

Right now workers around the state are meeting with parliamentary candidates across Victoria to demand that women and children can be safely housed away from perpetrators, that victims of family violence are supported by our legal system and that violent perpetrators are held to account.

Please, I ask that you sign the petition below and ensure that your voice is heard as part of the campaign to have no more family violence deaths.  We can't stay silent, silence is violence.  We have the power to do something about this right now.  Join me in this campaign here: http://www.fairagenda.org/no_more_deaths

More Information from Fair Agenda:

Intimate partner violence is the leading cause of ill-health and premature death for Victorian women under 45.[1] In the lead up to the Victorian election, domestic violence experts working with women across the state have identified a set of actions they believe can help save the lives of those affected by domestic violence.

They're asking candidates across Victoria to back a set of critical actions designed to:

- Keep women and children safe and housed
- Make the justice system safe and supportive
- Hold violent perpetrators to account
- Break down the service silos that endanger women and children
- Prevent violence against women and children

Right now, these frontline workers are meeting with candidates across Victoria to ask for their support. Will you show your local candidate that voters want them to support these priorities? Sign your support now.