However, I take great comfort in the fact that I really wasn’t the only one.  I’m probably the only one who went off and started a blog and a vlog about it though. How very 2005.  Anyway, for better or worse here you have it.  I thought I better get down some tips so that you may have better luck than I did.  Sure I didn’t end up getting a position but I came very close.

Now, I’m what the profession considers a “later lawyer”.  I really hate that term, I think it presupposes that I was doing nothing until the herald of justice called and I discovered the law as a career option. 

Hopefully some of these tips will work for you.  If you too have been rejected, don't worry, you're in perfect company.  Most of us will be rejected, just know this, this is not the end of the world.  It's a bit like a pebble in your shoe, annoying and sharp, but definitely not signalling the end of the journey.

I missed out on a clerkship, there I said it.