"Wow, you're a lawyer? You must be doing some brilliantly wonderful things with your law degree like a lot of your colleagues."- No one ever.

Calm down, this won't be like those creepy mining company ads that just beg for your sympathy and affection for a whole profession.

A lot of people hear "lawyer" and they think:

  • snob;
  • elitist;
  • self interested; or
  • a liar.

Lawyer, liar, oh the LOLs. I love the profession I am a part of, for a number of reasons but one of them is that I'm idealistic. What do you mean I can't change the world? That's exactly what I aim to do. 

Lawyers get a bad reputation, the public perception of what we do and what we're like as people and as professionals is overwhelmingly negative. 

Everyone has heard of the stories about dodgy lawyers, but how about the thousands, tens of thousands of hours of pro bono work a lot of them undertake? I bet you pobably didn't know about that. 

We all value living in a country that is governed by the rule of law, our system is not ideal; it's expensive, it's complicated, it's convoluted but a great number of us are out there trying to change it. Not only just change it but influence it and make it better. 

Meet some of my colleagues who are doing some brilliant things in the communities they're a part of:  http://www.liv.asn.au/reallaw

You can even choose one of the lawyers profiled to receive a $5,000 donation to their respective service/organisation.  

 We know that nobody likes a lawyer until they need one (and even then!), just know that it's unfair to judge us all by the isolated actions of a tiny minority or from what you see on the TV; even if Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) in Damages was pretty fierce. 

Follow the conversation online and find out what we REALLY do every day #reallaw