We all have a favourite drag queen, admit it, it's true. Whether it's Dame Edna, Rupaul or the mad queens from Priscilla, everyone has a favourite drag queen. For those of you that know me well, know that I LIVE for RuPaul's Drag Race. If you haven't seen it, think of taking the best parts of Big Brother, Survivor, America's Next Top Model and Project Runway and combining it in to one show, but with drag queens. Yes hunties, it is SICKENING. 

Sometimes, you just have to pick yourself back up, look sickening and make them eat it!

Amen, sister Latrice Royale! Yes, it's ok to fall down and make mistakes.  I remember once writing a letter of advice using a law that had been struck out 10 years ago and giving it to a client. No amount of 'oh shit, I'm sorry' covered up for the fact that I had screwed up majorly.  No big deal, I lived and learned and then I got my act together and let me tell you, it never happened again.

You'll make plenty of mistakes, it's what you do afterwards.  Learn from them, shake it off, stand up again and look at your detractors in the eye and say....


When you're starting, it's all new and overwhelming, don't forget to be nice to yourself.

I remember i went from being really good at my old job in another life, to knowing nothing at all about anything law related. I felt like law school had prepared me to do, nothing at all. I really struggled for the first month. I felt cheated by my law school, my lecturers, life itself!

Why didn't anyone tell me it would be this difficult.  Until, of course, I got it.  Look out for those moments when you feel like you're making progress and celebrate them in your own way.  It'll make the overwhelming moments less overwhelming. Because...


Dress for the body you have not the body you want

Yes baby, this one goes without saying. Your clients are going to be all up in your face if you don't look like a lawyer, so will your colleagues and yes, so will everyone at court.  Dress the part, look the part, then you'll feel the part.

What's that? Aren't we now in an era where it's the content of our character that determines how others will judge us, not our appearance? LOL... no. Sorry not sorry, look right and dress right. It's work after all not the Melbourne Cup. Yeah I'm conservative with this, but the space between shoulders and knees is best not seen at work, you don't want...


Look After Yourself

In another life and in another time I work as a gym instructor.  I love exercising and all that other self righteous indignant stuff that comes with it.  Except when you're in an office, with a busy team and you're all under pressure the hours are long, the tempers short and the temptations to let your health go are abundant. Everything from skipping lunch, eating lunch at your desk, not getting any fresh air, not stretching after sitting for hours on end, not turning off your mind even just for a little bit, not taking the time to unwind... shall I go on?

Cakes, muffins, pastries, fried stuff are always bountiful in an office.  It's how people get through the day. These things are treats though, they're not meals.  I put on five kilos just because I would sit around and eat all day because I was stressed/ bored/ sad/ frustrated or anxious.  Never because I was hungry.  Don't let go of your health, if you're not feeling well, you're not doing well and if you're not doing well you're not effective.  The following you only want to say sometimes, not all the time...


It's ok to say 'I don't know'.

You know my example above about how I wrote a letter of advice using the wrong law? Well, that's because when I was given he task I just said "yes of course, I know what Act you're talking about" to my supervising lawyer.  I had absolutely no idea, but I didn't want to look stupid in front of him on my first week so I put on a face. That wasn't the first time I had done something like that but I quickly learnt that it's much better to admit that you don't know something, instead of relying on a poker face to get by.

No one expects you to know everything, yes it takes a special kind of confidence to say 'I don't know' but it shows you're honest, willing to learn and also not wanting to waste anyone's time, sometimes...


At the end of the day, this is your path.

Sure, the profession is competitive, it can be cutthroat and vicious, but it is also rewarding, fulfilling and inspiring.  It's all of these things, much like life is all of those things.  Don't get too bogged down in the pettiness of everyday life.  The profession is bigger than one job in one office in one city.  

The problem really is that you get told a law degree will lead to many, many paths but no one actually tells you where they are and how to find them.  That's ok, it's ok to be uncertain and try different things.  It's not about finding the right path for you, or the right path for this moment; it's about having a clear, level head and accepting that there will be good and bad bits and say to yourself...