Absolutely nothing, nothing at all gets me more riled up than 'anti vexers'; idiots who refuse to vaccinate their children on the equally idiotic belief that it causes autism. I'm feeling my blood rage even as I type.  Lucky for you the lovely and incredibly intelligent people at Radio National's Law Report are a little more measured.

Listen to their latest podcast about vaccination and the law and do parents actually have the final say?

Radio National- Law Report- 'Vaccination and the law' Tuesday 29 April 2014 5:30PM

Children and vaccination: Do parents always have the final word on whether or not to vaccinate their children?

What happens if parents disagree and at what point does the court step in when there are disputes on vaccination? There have also been some recent cases where courts and tribunals have also have had the final word on disputes about misleading information on the risks of vaccination.

Listen or download a transcript here: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lawreport/vaccination-and-the-law/5415216