My dearest white people listen carefully: Latin America, mainly Brazil but not only Brazil- is in the spotlight due to some sporting event or something, I just want to remind you that we don't like being infantilised and stereotyped as samba dancing, rumba swinging, beach going libertines. 

Our cultures are deep, rich and proud. We gave you greats like: Rivera, Kahlo, Niemeyer, Marques, Bolivar, Guevara, Senna, Saint Exupery (Consuelo not Antoine), Romero, and Turlington.  We also have you the tomato, chilli, avocado, cashews, peanuts, chocolate, maize, peppers and potatoes. Where would European cuisine be without any of the above? No polenta, no tomato sauces, no cocoa, curries or peanut butter!

When you see us yelling (we're actually talking, but we talk loudly) to each other, making and sharing our foods from mole in the north to churrasco in the south, speaking Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, French or any of the hundreds of indigenous languages of the Americas- (some words that you already know, use and love, like- chocolate comes from the word Xocolatl in Nahuatl.)

If you see us dancing in the street or on the beach we don't just do it because we're happy. We do it because we are proud and we do it as a rebellion. A rebellion to remind ourselves that colonisation didn't end us, that military dictatorships didn't squash us, that martial law didn't dampen us and poverty hasn't consumed us and corruption will not end us.

We are more than sea, sun, sand, samba, salsa and soccer. 

If you see a Brasileiro, Tico, Porteño or Guanaco dancing in the street on your TV this World Cup, remember. We dance out of rebellion, we are dancing because we are still here and we're only getting stronger. 

-rant ends-