Immigration to the USA is an issue that is close to home. You only have to look at me to know that um hispanic, and all hispanics come from massive families. Furthermore, some of these families are usually spread out all over the world, like in the USA. You dont have to be a genius to figure out that they probably didnt have a green card on arrival

The view changes from where you are standing... Words can wound and wounds can heal. All of these things are true
— Neil Gaiman

Words are weapons, yes, this much is true. If I needed any more convincing that facts and figures don't change minds then this was it. How then can we use that to influence minds here in Australia? 

I pulled over in west Texas so they can look inside my car. he said: “are you an American citizen?” I said: “yes sir, so far.” They made sure i wasn’t smuggling someone in from Mexico, someone willing to settle for america cos there’s nowhere else to go.
— Ani Difranco

We don't have a bill of rights, we don't have a statue asking for the huddled masses yearning to break free,  but what do we have?

We have words. 

What words though, which word? I have no answers, what would work though. Americans have a founding myth of freedom and liberty, we started as a penal colony. What would work in Australia? I don't know.

what am I going to do differently after this reading.

I'm going to think about what words would work to begin to shift the debate. 

I probably won't have any answers then either.