What a brilliant weekend. 

30,000 people took to the streets to demand action on climate change in Melbourne, thousands more did the same around the country and around the world. 

No single one of us is stronger than all of us.  

Add to this euphoria, the brilliant reading from the Melbourne Fellowship course, what did I learn? What a wonderful question, let me tell you... 

- Of course words are powerful! Take the example from Orwell in 1984. Big Brother was trying to reduce their language to its barebones because it meant it also limited people's abilities to think broadly and creatively. Surely then the opposite is also possible.   

 - "It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words." - George Orwell

- "It's a beautiful thing, building with words."- David Mejia-Canalesk

- I wish I had these readings as soon as I could read, it would have made employment a lot easier. When lobbying for social change I would just get stuck down in discussing tactics to the point of inertia. The reading this week gave me a brilliant framework to categorise my thinking.

- I have a lot more power than I realise. Reading the article I realised that in the past and in the future I am able to and will be able to undertake all the activities they mentioned in the cycle of advocacy. 

- Having said that, I wish it would have gone into a little bit more detail into the different activities that are to be found in each cycle. An overview is good, a detailed explanation is better.

- I'm keeping the So You're Coming to Canberra handbook. I'm going to be certainly using it at some stage. 

-  I've been sitting on my hands for too long.