Recently, my university contacted me to ask if they could profile me for a new app they were developing showcasing "successful students". I said, yeah- sure why not.  I often get law students emailing me asking for career advice, but I mean, why?  If you want advice on how to go work for a Magic Circle law firm then I'm really not your guy.  If you want to be a big law nerd without a career path and more like a "let's see what happens" I'm your guy!

Here were my answers:


David Mejia-Canales

Company and Position

You know those jobs the university tells you that don't exist yet but will in the future? I have one of those jobs. But to make it easy for people to understand you can call me a consultant. I work for me. 

I call myself a legal educator, researcher, broadcaster, do gooder and all round badass. 

What did you find most stimulating about undertaking the Juris Doctorat RMIT?

 The sheer challenge of it! Studying law is very difficult but it definitely makes up for it by completely redeveloping your ability to tackle and solve problems and analytic and critical thinking. 

The subjects were challenging, the lecturers supportive and most importantly all my fellow students were supportive and really collegial. 

The content material is going to be tough anywhere, but the collegiality and support amongst fellow students and with staff made a tough situation incredibly rewarding. 

If there was one piece of advice you could have given yourself before commencing studies, what would it have been?

Absolutely look after yourself. Sometimes study is or feels like the only, all consuming aspect of your life. It's important, but it's not the only thing. Be kind to yourself, eat well, sleep well and take all the breaks your body asks you for. 

 If you run yourself down not o my will your studies suffer, everything will. If you need help, support or assistance seek it whether it be from the university, your friends or family. 

What was your secret to successfully navigating classes in this program?

 Plan! If you approach your study as a project that must be managed you will feel not only successful but in control. 

Plan every subject on a planner, block out study time like you would any other appointment, except this one is with yourself, plan your social life around study and exam periods and also schedule days where you have some downtime. 

What is your best memory of this program?

 One of my favourite memories ever is standing in the Banco Court of the Supreme Court of Victoria and having Her Honour the Chief Justice admit me as a lawyer. It was a moment of such pride, joy and accomplishment. 

Even though while not technically a memory of the Juris Doctor, without the RMIT Juris Doctor I would not have had such a wonderful experience. The admission was this beautiful payoff for such hard work. 


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I've had a really varied career, from being a fitness instructor to working in litigation and even as a campaigner and podcaster.  So far- my motto has served me well: If you take the path less travelled you'll get less competition and so much more reward. 




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