Everyone calm down, the Fair Work Commission has now defined what it is to be a complete dick, we can all now rest easy with this knowledge.

This arose because a certain Ms Nesbitt called her boss "an absolute dick" via text message and then sent the message to her boss by mistake. Whoops.

Commissioner Cloghan in the case before him: Louise Nesbitt v Dragon Mountain Gold Limited held that to be an absolute dick is:

To call a person a “dick” is a derogatory term to describe them as an idiot or fool.
The word “complete” is used to convey the message that the person is, without exception, an idiot or fool - they are nothing less than a “dick.
— Louise Nesbitt v Dragon Mountain Gold Limited [2015] FWC 779 [48]

There you have it. The moral of this story if you call someone a complete dick then you have no wriggle room AND that you should always, always check that you aren't insulting your boss to his face when you don't intend to.