Q: Why is it so hard to get into law school, it's not that hard a course once you are in it !

I agree and I don't agree with your question, for a couple of reasons.  If I could finish a law degree, then I think most people could but I wouldn't say that it was easy.

Law school is hard, testament of that is the amount of people that drop out.  The workload is really punishing. We had to do about 10 hours of work per subject per week on top of three hour seminars (four hours over summer) over trimesters. There was a point during my law degree that I was putting forty hours into study, plus working full time for 38 hours and with only a week of holiday between one trimester ending and the next one starting.

Law school is purposely difficult to get in to, not because of the difficulty of the material but because the demand is high.  If you've got everyone wanting to be a lawyer then you need to keep on raising the bar.  

It's the economy right? So you have a lot of people who want something so universities will increase the price or in this instance the entry requirement until the demand is a lot more manageable.  Law schools also earn universities a tidy sum of money.  My HECS debt is about $100,000, and I still had to pay out of my own pocket because I managed to max it out.

Just like with any endeavour, if you want to be really good at something you will work your ass off.  I'm not the greatest of students. I find I learn best doing rather than by reading about it.  I didn't feel like I got a good handle of the law until I worked in a law firm and had to work with it hands on.

I went to law school with people who put in the minimum effort to just pass.  Much like only paying the minimum repayment amount on your credit card never sees it paid off, doing just enough to get you by doesn't pay off when you need to use your legal knowledge in real life.  I've seen those people in law firms and they sink like lead balloons tied around a heavy rope with a steel rope thrown into a very cold, dark lake.

I also went to law school who had these amazing brains, they picked up the content so quickly and I secretly hate those people because I wish I had that kind of aptitude for obscure legal principles.

Largely, law school is as hard as you want to make it.  The content itself is not rocket science, and passing law school exams is really very doable.  The difficult thing in the course I think is the volume of work that is required. The reading and re-reading, and reading, and then reading again because even though you've read Donoghue v Stevenson over and over again you still don't get the whole 'take-care-of-your-neighbour' principle from the judgement.

Regardless, if you're in the middle of a law degree, about to start or even just thinking about it then get stuck into it.  To this day it's one of the most satisfying things I've ever done in my life.