It may be a touch hyperbolic for me to tell you that what you are about to read is going to change your life, but only a tad, because let's just say that it will probably change your life and at the very least improve it greatly.

A bit of context:

The wonderful (albeit often wrong when it comes to legal issues) Ron and I would gather around two microphones at MyMP, separated by a long table to lock horns about the law, legal issues and the Victorian legal system.  Ron from a Victoria Police perspective, given that he was a Victoria Police detective and everything and me from a lawyer's perspective, given that's what I am.

Sadly, the radio station pulled the plug on the show we were featured on and since we are such good frenemies, and people would actually tune in to listen to us explain the law from two different perspectives we thought we would continue locking horns every fortnight anyway.

We're not sure where Prima Facie is going to go yet, but that's largely up to you because as much as we love nerding out on law and legal issues, it's much more interesting if we have an audience.  

That's you!

Prima Facie is alive, and we would LOVE your support.  Me more than Ron, because Ron is an ex police officer and is currently in a doughnut coma somewhere.  (Disclaimer: That's not strictly true, Ron don't sue me I know a good lawyer... Unless of course it is in fact true and therefore is a defence against defamation.  If you didn't know that then you really should tune in to Prima Facie)

How can you help?

First of all here is where you can go and find the goodness of Prima Facie, including our social medias, website and most importantly our Patreon Page!

Help us rule the world!

We have just launched our Patreon account.  What's Patreon? Click here and it will take you there for some more information.  At its most basic it is a platform that will allow you to support the making of Prima Facie every month.  Even if it's just as low as $1.00 per month.

Just think, for the price of a coffee a month we could get a nice hot cup of Prima Facie to you. I know which one is better for your soul! Since I live in Melbourne, Melbourne prices dictate that a coffee is what? $5.00 now (double shot, soy and Fair-trade of course).  For the price of that one coffee a month you could make our amazing podcast happen!

We would be really happy if you just tuned in anyway, but if you got us a coffee a month we would be really, really happy.

Stay tuned. Prima Facie is coming.  To listen to old episodes of Prima Facie go to our website.

So excitement.  Much wow.