Please note: this episode contains discussion about violence against women, and the murder of a woman on the Gold Coast last week. It may upset some listeners.

Did you know that once upon a time a quarter of Victoria Police was sacked overnight? Not only that, it was during Spring Racing Carnival and the people in Melbourne went and had a good old fashioned riot, upturning trams, overturning tables and, hounding the remaining police into Melbourne Town Hall!

The Police may strike again, but is that even allowed? For more about all of this listen to Prima Facie below or search for Prima Facie on Stitcher or iTunes.

The horrific murder of a woman in a McDonald’s carpark at Helensvale on the Gold Coast last week has brought the domestic violence conversation into mainstream media once again. The fast food restaurant, and everything around it, was cordoned off by police while the crime scene was analysed. David asks why this process is necessary, if eye-witnesses can tell police exactly what happened?

The Police Association says it could commence strike action if negotiations over a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement break down. In a newsletter to members, the Association secretary Mr Ron Iddles said members needed to be prepared in the event that strike action was needed. What impact will this have on police emergency response? And what happened in Melbourne in 1923, when police literally walked off the job during an industrial dispute?

And with the Spring Racing Carnival fast approaching, many people will be out in the sunshine, enjoying the races and having a few drinks. But did you know it’s illegal to be intoxicated in a public place? It’s also illegal to be drunk in a hotel, bar, pub or licensed premises. David reveals some interesting case law which explains where and when a publican’s “duty of care” starts and ends.