I love how the Internet has enabled the free flow of information from one human being to another.  It's a great time to be alive when the entire digitised content of the world's great libraries can fit into your pocket and you can read it when you want.  Which is a huge improvement on the time when books were kept in chains (yep, like the pens at a bank) in libraries and you could only go see them if you had cause to, or could in fact read.

It's a good time to be alive.

The thing with the Internet is that anyone can create any old shit and it can perpetuate or appeal to latent stupidity or illiteracy in people, people like the anti vaxers known from hereon in as the "pro polio brigade".

I tender into evidence for my argument the following:

"Informed" quotes me saying that putting people on the Moon was an impressive feat for the men who went there but vaccination is something we should all be proud of and seeks to refute the fact that they landed on the moon with... a YouTube video.

Cool story bro.

Then writes:

"Not all Vaccines are without risk, vaccination requires informed consent, without coercion. FORCED VACCINATION IS NOT LEGAL! " - An Idiot

There is no forced vaccination program in Australia.  Vaccinations have risks because it is a medical procedure; the benefits far outweigh the risks. Yes all medical procedures require consent and no one is forcing you to have your child vaccinated.  What the government is doing is not rewarding your stupidity by not giving you a tax break for being stupid. 

If you want a tax break or want to avoid paying them altogether then this is my advice: run a multi billion dollar search engine driven business that is headquartered in Ireland for tax purposes and  funnel your profits that way.