Making this video was a little difficult for me, those of you that know me know that I'm intensely private, despite what you may think if you're reading this on my blog.  

However, the public good outweighs my personal comfort. Right now the Australian Government is ordering a review into the Safe Schools Coalition. A group trying to make schools safer for LGBT kids.  

I could have used a SSC at my school. I was mercilessly bullied, harassed, spat on and tormented because I refused to hide the fact that I'm gay. The people that this program benefits are not nameless or faceless. They have names- they have faces. I am one of them. I implore you now, either as an LGBTIQ person or an ally, show your face. Make a video, snap a photo. We are not faceless- the SSC benefits all of us and we need to show people how much!  Please SHARE THIS VIDEO and make your own.