You know there's something I don't like doing, and that's getting angry.  I don't like getting angry because it's easy for people to make the things I'm angry about, like racism (which, to be fair I think I have a right to be angry about) about me being an 'angry brown man' and not about their ignorance, wilful or otherwise. 

I don't want to fall into that character or stereotype of the "angry brown man", just jilted by the system. However, all I have to say to that is: fuck you.

I have earned my right to be angry and me being angry, even visibly so and not feigning a polite indignation should not diminish what I'm saying and therefore you should listen up.  

I'm angry about racism, and the racism I've experienced in every day life and the many, many micro aggressions that I put up with every single day just because I can't take my skin colour off.

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