Do you ever listen to a song you've never heard before and it comes at you as an unmovable force to your unstoppable object?

Listen to Ten Things below, you're welcome. So here is one of the many lists of ten things I want to do, feel, experience, undertake. This is the first post in a series of many other ten things but I thought I'd make this public now so I'm committed to it. You should do the same.  The list below is in no particular order, except number 10, I don't want to do number 10 for decades yet, and I I also need it to be the last thing I do well. 

Name ten things you want to do before you die and then go do them.
— Paul Baribeau

Here goes...

  1. I want to walk the Camino de Santiago and then ride back to where I started.
  2. I want to climb to the summit of Mount Fuji.
  3. I need to also climb to the crater of the Izalco volcano, whose ash I'm convinced runs through my veins. 
  4. I want to live in Spain.  
  5. I want to complete a phd, preferably abroad and preferably at Oxford. 
  6. I would like to raise a curious, compassionate, caring, creative and proud child. 
  7. I'd like to take up mountain biking, hiking, diving and circus skills.  
  8. I'd like to be proud of myself not by what I achieve or what I succeed in, but because of who I am, what I believe, the values I hold and my ability to love and be loved. I would also hope people are attracted to that instead of my resume or achievements. 
  9. I need to write a book about the life I've lived which, so far, is nothing but boring. I know it's self conceited but  why not?
  10. I'd like to die like the sunset.