Keeping in line with my series of '10 things' things. The next lyric in the song '10 things' by Paul Baribeau is:

Name ten places you really wanna be before you die and then go to them.
— Paul Baribeau

Here goes. In no particular order (click on the links below to see why I want to be at those places):

  1. Fisterra, Spain.  I want to put both my feet at the place the Romans thought was the end of the world.
  2. Milford Sound. Have you seen it? Neither have I, but I'm scared that when i do I'll never want to leave.
  3. El Mozote. I need to be there, I wasn't born when that place saw the most unspeakable horrors, but it's part of me, it's part of my history.  These things happened amongst us.
  4. Uluru.  This country is ancient and we're all just impostors on it until we fix that. I want to stand at the heart of it and understand it, NOT climb it mind you, but understand it. If you climb it knowing why you shouldn't then you're not good.
  5. Santo Tomas, Santiago Texacuangos, San Salvador.  I know I'm cheating but these places are so close together; I'm from there, it's home.
  6. Rio De Janeiro. Have you been there?  If you have you'll understand why and if you haven't, you haven't lived.
  7. San Salvador Island. Columbus first arrived here on 12 October 1492, this is where it all began.
  8. Granada, Spain.  All of it.  There's a saying about Granada: 'No hay pena mas grande que ser ciego en Granada' or 'there is not greater tragedy than being blind in Granada.' Why? Stunning doesn't cover it.  The English language is such a blunt instrument to describe the sheer beauty of Granada and Southern Spain in general.
  9. The Esplanade in Darwin, watching a massive electrical storm come in. Larrakiah country is stunning but watching it lit up with thunder and lightning is something you need to experience over and over again.
  10. El Tazumal and Tikal at sunrise. My people built pyramids too.