Friends: An analysis, a prediction and a hope for the future follow.  I would LOVE to know what you think. Read on and comment below.


My analysis:

People have punished both parties for being interested more in themselves than in us.  Don't forget, the government must be eternally scared of us, not us of them.  It is OUR government.

This result means that we expect these politicians to negotiate, dialogue and act because that is what we employ them for.  They've forgotten that we live in a society and not an economy.  The economy has to benefit the society not the other way around.


My prediction:

Shorten will have to negotiate with Greens and Independents.  Hopefully the time he spent so close to Julia,  knifing her in the back and then in the front has taught him about how to negotiate.

Turnbull is finished and the Libs will split like the ALP and the DLP in 1956. If not now, then soon.  The conservative Opus Dei branch of the Liberals will begin their own circle-jerk of a party and the other Liberals will just be left with their dicks in their hands pining for a time that will not return.

The ALP is losing its base of support and so is the Liberal Party.  Australians won't strand for ultra-conservative bullshit.  While neither party can govern on its own right, don't forget the Labor party is the biggest party in our parliament.  Don't forget that the Liberal party vote has always been tiny, this is why they can't govern in their own right and have to act as a coalition of three parties.

The ALP has to eat a delicious serve of humble pie and understand that their entitlement doesn't inspire anyone, and it definitely does not inspire as many people as they did or thought they could.


My hope:

The people have spoken and have said: we expect you to negotiate in OUR best interest, not in yours.

Whoever doesn't do this and triggers another election (Turnbull) is doomed, and if Shorten refuses to negotiate with The Greens and other parties and enables a second election (Shorten) then they can expect to be punished also.

We don't need another election, we need you to take the high road.  If you expect less, you get less.  Do not expect that we have made a bad decision, Parliamentarians.  We have made *the* decision.  Heaven help you if you stand in our way.

If you do not enact our will and negotiate in our best interest up there in your ivory tower then I promise you that we are coming up.