The way has become crowded, very. You see, Sarria is about 100 kms from Santiago and this is the least distance you can do to get a Compostela. So the tour groups and the lazy Australians and Americans (with their ANNOYING accents)  and anyone else are just joining here and they’re fucking loud and annoying. 


But we are all in this together, apparently. It’s still grinding because I’ve spent the last 20 days in silence and solitude and in the companionship of people who have hundreds of kilometres under their feet.  


I’m just bitter. Don’t worry.  


I wish EVERYONE well. I truly mean that.


Meanwhile, as we are in Galicia people are speaking Galician. Which I don’t understand, I imagine that Galician to me sounds like what Spanish (or Castilian) must sound like to non Spanish speakers. You can make out some words or at least guess their meanings and make out something from the sounds.