I just wrote to my local member of Parliament Fiona Richardson in my solo, personal capacity as her constituent, the following:

Dear Minister
I’m seeking your help as my local member of Parliament.

I’ve been reading Victoria’s Multicultural Policy Statement (which is an EXCELLENT document, truly remarkably well done to you, Minister Scott and Premier Andrews for this- thank you!!) and one of the outcomes you have set for Government boards is to increase the representation of culturally diverse communities on the same.

I notice that the Pride Centre announced by Minister Foley, at least on the face of it, is mostly, if not exclusively of a caucasian background. Furthermore, at least based on my research of the people on said board there is no one who identifies as Aboriginal.

How can this be justified Minister? Can you please explain to me what steps the Government took to ensure the board was representative of what the LGBTI community looks like? That is, a more multicultural board in line with your own policy statement and why there isn’t any Aboriginal representation to the Board - at least on the face of it.

I'll let you know if she does reply.