Dubai airport is like an actual Tower of Babel, although heavy with people from South Asia and the middle east, obviously.  

I like it. I love it in fact.  

There are Spanish accents following me as I walk towards gate C5. The Spaniards certainly have done very well in the genetic lottery. 

This doesn't feel real, like a lot of things in my life don't feel real or tangible. It's like my life is happening to me, not with me but for me. The psychiatrist assures me that this is just anxiety and nerves, I don't fully believe it. It feels like it's something more sinister. It feels a touch ... what? Self-sabotaging? Something like that.  

if it was possible to be a citizen of the country you feel like you're from instead of the country that your passport says then I would be Spanish and Japanese.  

Side note. I sat behind Catherien Deveney, local celebrity and raconteur during my flight. I wanted to fan-boy but like. Nah.  


QPues venga! A Madrid me voy y a España se ha dicho!  Madrid, ya llego!