I was doing some last minute Spain shopping, buying toothpaste in fact.  

You see I'm about to embark on something that is maybe a little foolish, but it seems ok. I'm about to walk across Spain on my own with. I thing but my foolishness to cheer me on.  

I was a little bit emotional already but when I realised that I could just wander the aisles of a Spanish Carrefour and just buy my groceries and bits and pieces in Spain, I had a moment.  

I feel like this moment couldn't come soon enough, this walk means a lot to me personally and I'd be lying if I said there was no spiritual element to it. Not religious, spiritual. Not metaphysical either but rather actual.  

There's something very, dare I say it, spiritual about a tribe of people all walking to the one place, cheering each other on along the way. The spiritual element is also helped along by the fact that the place where we are all walking to is allegedly the resting place of Saint James. A man who walked alongside Jesus.  

In a lot of ways I'm going on this trip to end things, finish them. To begin the end of the last stage of grieving for my now-finally-ended marriage. To reconnect with fending for myself in a total and complete way. To challenge myself physically, mentally and dare I say it, spiritually. 

But im going to start things, to learn about me I guess. I'd like to reflect on how to be a better friend to many, an employee to a few, and lover to a man that I have the great pleasure of holding as he falls asleep. 

Despite or in spite of many of my achievements, holding my partner as he sleeps is  my favourite.  

Here I go, wish me luck.  


My pack only weighs 8kg too! Add another litre of water and food and bingo. Done. 

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