Don't expect me to write all the time though. I'm just, you know, out here bored and in flight for some 24 hours and there's only so much TV and movies you can watch, which admittedly on Emirates is a fuck-tonne.

Isn't technology a marvellous thing? Because here I am able to write this while hurtling through the earth, 39,995ft above the surface at 558 mph about to fly over Palermo, the toe on Italy's boot.

Technology, its magic. I mean even before I left, My partner Luca could follow the exact moment my plane's wheels left the cold and wet Tullamarine Tarmac and he could, if he wanted to, follow my progress across the continent and towards Dubai and then onwards to the Spanish capital.

I mean, he was also in the Melbourne Qantas Lounge to be fair (as he was heading off to Sydney the same day) and he could literally see my plane physically take off, but I digress. We've come a long way baby, and we act as if it's no big deal.

I remember when the best you could do was head to a local airport's viewing deck where you either paid or would just go up and watch the planes land with your loved ones inside. Fuck you S-11 for changing that custom. On the flip side you can follow the path of a plane in your pocket with apps that will live track all commercial aviation for you wherever you are, whenever you want.

I like it. Because technology is magnificent and we act as if it's only meant to progress forever coward, and largely it does.

I mean, for example, the plane that I'm on has got cameras mounted on its belly and tail so you can get a live view of the ground below and the sky ahead. Madness. There is also more entertainment loaded on to this plane system than a human being could want in a lifetime, let alone a single flight.

I mean, this is progress. We are living in times of progress. I never want to get used to this or expect that this is what my life is going to be like.

I'm very aware that I have incredible privilege in being able to take time to not work (and get paid for it) to go and spend time in another country. This privilege is not afforded to many of my fellow Salvadorans generally or even my extended family more specifically.

I'm very aware that I am my ancestor's wildest dreams. For that, I'm eternally grateful. I mean not only am I hurtling through the air, seated and drinking wine but I've got a mini computer in my pocket more advanced than what went to the moon  

I'm delirious, my body tells me it's tomorrow but outside says that this day is nowhere near the end and I'm so confused. I can't wait to land, find a Pans&Company and smash a bocadillo. I also want to go and see T4 of Adolfo Suarez, Barajas airport. I've never seen it, only in pictures and it looks beautiful.