Leon is where I get a rest day.  

Tomorrow is Leon, not today.  

The problems of yesterday are nowhere near as important or pressing on me today. That's just life.  

I am missing Luca a lot today, while he is out there frolicking with dolphins in Byron Bay like a Disney princess I am enduring tendinitis. I'm missing the way he says "alright"  with his Italian accent when he has decided on what course of action he is going to take next.


He's lovely and I am particularly fragile today.  

Everything hurts and I don't want to walk.  

Here are some photos.  


The Camino is shaping me into something I am enjoying but is new to me. I can feel myself being changed by the energy beneath my feet. I can't even believe I am saying that aloud.  

I hope and wish to change for the better.  


I am aware today's post is just a collection of random thoughts. Here is one that I have every time I buy food to carry to have lunch in a field somewhere. You see, I have to carry everything I have and carrying canned sardines is a pain because those 200 grams feel like 200 tonnes under the sun.  

So, my maxim when thinking of carrying food is: it is better inside of me than on my back. That is, i better eat it quick instead of carry it in my pack for 20kms.  


Also. Spanish radio is FULL OF TERRIBLE FUCKING MUSIC. This café I am stealing wifi from is blasting Abba at full volume.  

On a not wholly unrelated note, the couple opposite me is staring at each other like they hate each other. I could never imagine being THAT couple, partly because Luca nor I ever shut up. He often wishes me to and I often ask him to but we are seldom quiet, we will end up killing each other one day. Maybe that's what this couple is about to do. 

Final thought: do not tell my mother the torrejas in this café are better than the ones she made for Semana Santa last time. No. They're not better, similar, then are similar.