No doubt by now you know Optus was embroiled in some absolute caucasian nonsense.  If not, here's a summary:

Telecommunications giant Optus has launched an internal investigation after a job advertisement calling for white candidates at one of its Sydney stores was posted online.

The ad for a casual retail consultant appeared on employment portal Seek on Thursday afternoon, and said people “who are Anglo Saxon” would be preferred.

The company has since removed the ad, which was calling for workers at its Neutral Bay store.
— Report on ABC News, 13 April 2018 by Angelique Lu and Nick Sas

Well, here I am an Optus customer, an ex Optus customer I should say because with this nonsense I will not put up.

I had two accounts with Optus and I would quite easily give them at least $200 of my non Anglo Saxon money per month and have done for years. When I contacted Optus to express my displeasure they gave me the whole: we employ people from 70 different nationalities and #NotAllOptuses bullshit.

Spare me.

I made it crystal clear that I will not be paying any sort of early contract ending fees, or they will see my non-Anglo Saxon ass at the Ombudsman. do they need my money? Absolutely not, they would have made anything I owe them a thousand times over in the last 60 seconds.

Will they be getting my money? Absolutely not.  Here's the letter I sent them.

I know that this is token, but I'm doing it anyway. 

Even if one employee went rogue using their account and just put up a racist ad either due to ignorance or by design is irrelevant to me.

They need to know that their processes failed monumentally and when they do that there is a price to pay either in reputation, revenue or both.