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Community Organising:  a game-changer for the Australian environment movement?

‘Community organising’ is the key to success in a campaign that has so far retired 177 polluting coal-fired power stations across America.

It is the powerful tool used by the Sierra Club, America’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organisation, in its spectacularly successful Beyond Coal campaign. 

Community Organising was also used very effectively by the Obama election campaign.  It is built on experiences of the civil rights, social justice and other progressive movements over many decades.

Community Organising is now being taken up by Australian environmental organisations to tackle climate change and other issues.   

This will be a game-changer for our environment movement by training committed organisers to engage communities and mobilise Australians to win campaigns.

As part of the Australian Communities Foundation donor circle series for the Environment and Community Wellbeing, you are invited to a special presentation about the Community Organising Fellowship, Australia’s new training program

When:  12noon – 1.30pm, Wednesday 8 October. Light lunch provided.

Where: Upstairs at 39 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

RSVP: Monday 6th October (email saraht@communityfoundation.org.au or)

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Key speakers:

  • Bob Bingaman, National Director of Organising for the Sierra Club, live from Washington DC
  • Kate Smolski, Co-Director of the Community Organising Fellowship and Executive Director of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW
  • Dr James Whelan, Co-Director of the Community Organising Fellowship, Director of The Change Agency, and research fellow with the Centre for Policy Development

Also meet two of this year’s Community Organising Fellowship graduates:

  • Millie Telford, Indigenous Project Coordinator, Australian Youth Climate Coalition; and 2014 National NAIDOC Youth of the Year Award winner
  • Jane Stabb, Community Organiser with Environment Victoria

About the Community Organising Fellowship

In its first year, the Community Organising Fellowship has provided intensive training and mentoring for 25 staff and community leaders from 18 organisations[1] working to protect our climate.  It has increased their effectiveness and is building a network of skilled Community Organisers across the country. In future the Fellowship expects to extend the training to organisations involved in all aspects of Australian environmental protection.