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Looking at how companies and organizations reframe their stories to create emotional impact and resonance is at the heart of the work we’re doing at Get Storied. It’s what we’ve been doing in our private and corporate work — yet my dream is to bring it to the mainstream.

That’s why we’re building StoryU. If you joined our last webinar, we looked at how to create your own Undeniable Story — and moreover, how to emotionally connect with any audience.

One of our recent webinar participants shared with us: “I felt that this was holding the missing puzzle piece I have been seeking for some time now. Really useful session."

What we’re rolling out with StoryU Online represents the culmination of 10+ years, cracking the code on how to convey innovation and disruption through a more approachable story. Come check what our breakthrough 6-step storytelling model can do for you.

Undeniable Story: How to Emotionally Connect With Any Audience

Wednesday, September, 24th, 2014 — 5pm San Francisco (GMT -07:00)

8pm in New York — 1am in London — 5:30am in New Delhi — 10am in Melbourne

In this webinar you'll learn specific insights around:

  • Our 6-step storytelling framework for innovators, change-agents, and marketers
  • How the right frame and context sets the stage for emotional resonance
  • What the science of storytelling teaches us about empathy and resistance
  • 3 ways to validate your audience and create a mood of heightened receptivity

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This webinar will not be recorded.